1 - 8 August Cluj-Napoca

Mihaela Buzărnescu: It would be amazing to win a tournament in Romania, but I`m not thinking about the trophy just yet

Mihaela Buzărnescu won`t start thinking yet at the trophy, despite being happy with how she played against Kristyna Pliskova and her qualification for the Winners Open semifinals.

“It`s a great moment of happiness to have won this match, and I hope I`ll see even more fans at tomorrow`s match, considering it`s a weekend day. I am the only Romanian player left in the tournament so I hope they will come to support me and enjoy all the other games played here because this is a very well-organized tournament. I want to congratulate Patrick for making this event possible”, said Mihaela, who will play Mayar Sherif for a spot in the finals.

“I`m not thinking about the trophy just yet, because there are two more games to be played. First of all, tomorrow`s game is the most important. Of course, it would be amazing to win a tournament in Romania, and it would be even more special because it`s the first edition and because I enjoy this city a lot”, she added.

Asked if she considers moving in at Cluj, Mihaela answered: “It`s not off the table because, as I said, it`s a beautiful city, with welcoming people, open-minded, and besides the food is great, the area is great, but for now I don`t plan to move from Bucharest. We`ll see what the future holds for me. I enjoy being here, this tournament is well-organized, the hotel is great. It`s great because we are out of that bubble and we can enjoy a walk in the city, eat something, drink lemonade, and just relax a bit because it`s not easy to compete and have a very strict environment”.

On the subject of Covid restrictions, Mihaela had some more things to say regarding the support of the fans.

“It very important, we missed them during the pandemic. We take energy off their cheering and support and we enjoy looking in the stand and seeing them. So it`s great to have them here, especially because Romanian supporters are always well-prepared and make for a great atmosphere. I hope I`ll see them tomorrow too”, said Mihaela, who also announced that she will play double with Irina Bara at US Open. “Hopefully we`ll enter the main draw, play lots of matches and tournaments from now on. I hope we`ll match the results we had in the 2017-2018 season”.

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